Transition Versus Change

Recently I had the opportunity to take part in a 2 day conference put on by Iowa Chronic Care Consortium. We covered topics from Motivational Interviewing, to Personality Traits and types, to how to work with different types of people. This training was very enlightening to me and really made me stop and think of now only how I communicate with my clients, but with my family and friends as well. One topic that I want to focus on today is the Bridges Transition Model.  sharon-neal-the-challenge-of-leading-change-10-638

This model deals with change and a different way of approaching the subject. Sometimes, as we all know, change can be viewed as a negative the outcome being final. This model focuses more on the transition of change and every person knowing their roll. The process is as follows:

  1. Purpose – explain the purpose behind the outcome that is seeked. People must understand the logic prior to turning their minds to work on it.
  2. Picture – make sure your team knows what the painted picture of the outcome looks like. The need to experience the outcome imaginatively before giving their hearts to the outcome is vital.
  3. Plan – lay out the step-by-step plan for phasing in the final outcome. There must be clear idea and each member of your team needs to understand their specific roll.
  4. Part – delegate a part for each person to play in the outcome of the desired change. This is a tangible way for contribution and participation for your team.

Between different personality types and the natural reaction of resistance to change, receiving the desired outcome is not always an easy path. But with clear purpose, picture, plan and part, this transition can be reached in a manner that is acceptable to all team members.

The Bridges Transition Model can be used in business, family and health. Prior to your next change, take a step back and try to put these tools to use and have everyone who will be affected by the change involved.

Be happy. Be healthy and don’t fear the change, plan for it!

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