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So sometimes I have a bad day, just like everyone else. And sometimes it is hard to pick myself back up. I have a good friend who always told me to keep my “Heather file” of good attributes of mine. Today, I decided I would take that one step further and I want to challenge everyone reading to do the same. Today I created My Top 10. This list is 10 things I think are good about me. These are things that:

  • Nobody Can Take From Me
  • I Own Them
  • I Control Them
  • They are what I think about me!

So here we go, Heather’s Top 10

  1. I am smart
  2. I am funny (at least to me)
  3. I am a good friend
  4. I am a great mom
  5. I am good at my job
  6. I am a good sister
  7. I am a good daughter
  8. I make great cookies
  9. I am a good training partner
  10. I am a good writer

I know I sound a bit Stuart Smalley, but hey, what can I say. There are times we all need a little lift and some positive affirmations!

I challenge you ALL – Make your Top 10! If you are having a bad day, take them out and read them. If you doubt yourself, take them out and read them. If you just want/need to feel good, take them out and read them!

So go ahead now – make your top 10 and I would love to hear from you and how they worked!

2 thoughts on “Top 10

  1. Great list Heather. I have seen several of those in the brief time that I have known you. I will challenge you to take the next step already and identify your top 5 without choosing roles (friend, sister). For example I am loving, passionate, purposeful, humorous,and Biblically minded. Go for it and you are right NO ONE can take away WHO you are!

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