Never Judge a Book By It’s Cover

Last weekend I had the honor of presenting my Cross Circuit classes at a personal trainer/instructor convention in Copenhagen, Denmark.9.14.13 195 For those of you who don’t know what Cross Circuit is, it is a combination of strength and cardio using Octane ellipticals and Powerblocks. We’ll go into that more in another post.

I always have a variety of trainers and instructors who enter my classes. Some young, some older, some fit looking and even some not so fit looking. I have been guilty of prejudging them based purely on appearance. This past weekend I took a step back to re-examine that line of thinking while realizing they were sizing me up at the same time.

One particular trainer came and spoke to me after the class. She was older than me (so clearly still very young), and admittedly over weight. She told me she has every ability level in her classes she teaches and always has to modify the workout on the spot to make everyone successful. She told me she yo-yo’s with her weight, but has been teaching for over 20 years. Her strength and spirit impressed me most when I was teaching. She was motivating to the others in the class and her determination was apparent.

So what it comes down to is this – if you are looking for a personal trainer or instructor, don’t always judge them on looks or physical appearance first. A good personal trainer or good group instructor is someone who can MOTIVATE you, INSPIRE you and help you reach your goals. Everyone has different goals. Take the time to get to know your trainer or instructor and learn what drives them. Learn why they look like they do. Don’t be intimidated to start a conversation – We love to talk!

Stay happy, healthy and as always, keep moving!

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