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Motivation – I’m BACK

imagesMotivation is defined by Webster’s Dictionary as “the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal; the reason for the action; that which gives purpose and direction to behavior.” Sounds simple enough, right? Wrong! Many of us struggle on a daily basis for motivation when it comes to getting out of bed, going to the gym, eating healthy, or anything else that might be a challenge to you.

This is where I come in! When I first started my personal training business and was searching for a name it was really hard. Then I remembered what a friend I used to run with used to say to me. She told me I was so motivating! Every time she wanted to quit, not show up, slow down a bit, I helped her to find her motivation to keep going. I took great pride in that then and now.

To be successful in life and health we need the following:

Healthy Lifestyle Habits
I am so happy to get back to the basics and to what I love doing most, MOTIVATING others, help create healthy lifestyles, and inspire change. If you live in the Iowa City area you have heard the phrase Win The Day. I have been inspired to win each and every day and I am going to pay that forward by helping others. Motivation Personal Training is back in business!

Here Comes the Boom

I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase “If it’s too loud, you’re too old”. caution__loud_music_by_rainingblackstars-d4m5k13While I do enjoy cranking the tunes, I recently found louder is not necessarily better. Last week I was at the LIW trade show in Birmingham, England. Now if any of you have ever been to a trade show, you know they can be loud. But a fitness trade show takes it to a new level. You have booth after booth turning up their music louder and louder during the exercise demonstration times.

So, I got to thinking. Will louder music make me want to join a class and try a workout. At first, the music will catch my attention, but then, if the instructor isn’t good and the workout seems silly, I won’t stick around. A good class can have good music, but the instructor and the exercises make the class GREAT. If you are new to a gym try these few pointers before joining a class

  • Peek in the room and see if people are having fun
  • Check out the instructor and make sure he or she is having fun
  • Make sure the class length suits you
  • If you feel like you will be too uncoordinated, talk to the instructor before joining
  • And if the music moves you – GO FOR IT!

While I may be getting older, I still like my music loud, just don’t turn yours up to make it louder than mine!

Stay happy, healthy and as always, keep moving!