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Have you ever asked anyone for help? Has anyone ever asked you for help? If you are the 7030402_origasking person, what has the reaction been from others? If you are the asker, what kind of response do others give you?

If someone asks you for help do you:

  1. Jump right in and say, “What can I do?”
  2. Roll your eyes and wonder why are they asking me (or secretly trying to hide so you don’t get asked because you can’t say no)?
  3. Tell a little white lie and make an excuse why you can’t help?

Whether you are in the workplace, home or even an event in which you are needed to volunteer, I feel your reaction says a lot about your personality type.  There are many traits that you display on a daily basis that lets others know what type of personality you might have. Are you positive? Are you genuine? Are you helping for the right reasons, meaning you don’t expect anything in return.

When I am asked to help, if there is no reason I can’t do it, I help. Over the years I have learned that generally people don’t like to ask for help unless they really need it. I also have learned that you never know when you may need help of your own. So if you do things for the right reasons, good things will come back full circle.

So the next time someone asks you for help, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is there any reason I cannot physically (or time constraint) do what is asked of me?
  2. Would the person ask me for help if they didn’t really need it?
  3. Is what is being asked of me a reasonable request?

If you answered yes to any or all of them, HELP is what you are ready to do. Help someone today. Pay good fortune forward because you never know when you will need some help of your own.

Be Happy! Be Healthy! And HELP others!

College, The Next Chapter…

My son, Griffin.

Oh boy, did I have a life changing weekend. You see, I am the mom of 4 (if you don’t already know that), and I moved my oldest into college at the University of Iowa. Some parents look forward to this day with great pride. Some parents can’t wait to get their teenager out of the house. Some parents flat out dread the emptiness that will be in their home. For me, it was all of the above.

I remember when I left for college and my mother and I hugged and cried. Every time my first year of college that I came home, we did it all over. I used to make fun of my mom for that, and now I totally get it. But then I really started to think about what it means to be a good parent. The skills we can give, teach and receive are endless:

  1.  Unconditional Love
  2.  Work ethic
  3. Sense of family
  4. How to be humble
  5. Study habits

And the list can go on….. The one gift that I hope I have instilled the most is how to be kind. The grades that I earned in college were important (well, maybe not my first semester freshman year when my only good grade was in having a good time according to my parents), but to be genuine and kind are characteristics that will take anyone a long way.

So to all you parents out there who are feeling what I am feeling now, have felt this feeling int he past, or dread this feeling in the future, take the time to lead by example. Take the time to tell your kids you love and appreciate them. And, according to my son who didn’t think I said it, take the time to tell them that you will miss them and that you will always be there for them, and home won’t be the same without them here.

Be Happy, Healthy and Kind


family_logoWhat does family mean to you? It means EVERYTHING to me and I would do anything for them. I was reminded of this once again this past weekend when we had our annual Dell’Aquila Family reunion at my parents farm. We had cousins that came from near and far to sweat it out and eat until we couldn’t eat another bite, but then it really got me thinking; I have many different types of family in my life.

1. Blood family – this is the family that whether we want them or not, they are part of us. It may not always be pretty with this group, but they are ours!

2. Neighbors – we spend a lot of time with some neighbors (maybe too much). During this time we get to know about them, about their blood family, their kids, their struggles and their victories.

3. Work – if you work in an office, or travel with co-workers, you probably spend more time with your work family than the one you go home to every night. These are the people that listen to us, 100% get our struggles in the office, and share many life events with us as well.

4. Sports – with my 4 children, I have met so many families through my kids sports. During this time, I feel like I have inherited many many children, and many many sisters and brothers. These families spread near and far and are ALWAYS there for you. These are your best friends for life!

Take a moment. Think about the people you have in your life now and the people who have just passed through. How many different people can you add to your family tree. I think I have a forrest, and I am going to keep adding to it!

Stay active, healthy and love your family!


I really, really like sports. I like working towards something, a goal. I like trying to win something, healthy competition. I like watching and I like participating. Anyone else?!? Sport.jpg_1772603904

What is it that draws us to sports? Wikipedia describes sport as “is all forms of usually competitive physical activity which, through casual or organised participation, aim to use, maintain or improve physical ability and skills while providing entertainment to participants, and in some cases, spectators. For me I like to watch most sports because:

  • 1. I appreciate all the work that goes into being a competitive athlete
  • 2. I admire the passion and perseverance to compete
  • 3. I enjoy anything that promotes physical activity and movement
  • 4. I like to find a good story that can be told that we may not have heard otherwise

Today I was reading about Jamaal Charles and I learned he had his first shot at sport in the Special Olympics because of a several learning disability. He has gone on to win a National Championship in college, to become an academic all-american and one of the NFL’s finest running backs. You don’t even have to be a sports fan to appreciate a good story, but for me it is icing on the cake.

Most of us watch some sort of sport daily (sometimes by default, especially with summer tv). Many of us play fantasy sports, intramural sports, recreational sports, watch our kids play sports. Let’s face it, sport is everywhere. So whether you love sport or hate sport, it is everywhere and it is here to stay. Find a good story out of it. Learn a life lesson from it. But most of all, sit back and enjoy the art of the game and the athleticism, no matter what game it is.

Stay active and sport on!