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My Favorite Things, Part II – TRX

One of my favorite new toys (as I like to call it, torture devices said by my clients) is my TRX . If you have never seen one or seen one and wondered how it could possibly help your workout, well let me tell you – IT IS AMAZING. I must admit that I was a skeptic for a long time. I would see other trainers using them and think, how in the world can you get a workout from that. Then, in March I went to IHRSA where I was able to sample. It took me less than two minutes to know that this was something that I needed to use and my clients would hate and love at the same time.

The TRX is suspension training. What is that? Well, in my words, it is a workout that uses your own body weight, suspended by straps to do a variety of exercises. It focuses on core strength with each and every move as the position of your posture can help to challenge you. There are modifications for each exercise that are controlled by the person doing the exercise.

The following are a few extra perks:

  1. Great workout for the whole body in 30 minutes – I love the fact that I can challenge my entire body in 30 minutes. I have several clients who come in for 30 minute sessions only of TRX workouts and leave feeling completely satisfied.
  2. You can take it anywhere – I have taken my TRX to the park, basketball hoop in my driveway, high school track, a tree, inside with the door attachment, pretty much anywhere!
  3. You are only limited by your imagination – while there are videos you can buy, hundreds of youtube videos to view, ideas from, I am constantly making up my own “cool-combos”, 40/40 or 20/20 challenges, adding the Bosu ball (see next week for more info on that), etc to challenge myself and my clients.

Here is a video  link of how I use it with my daughter for some swimming exercises:

I got the best email from a client today regarding her TRX workout from yesterday:

Chest = Sore ALL OVER


Core = It hurts to laugh!

Getting a killer workout with Heather = PRICELESS!!

That, thanks to my favorite thing, part II, the TRX!