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My Youtube Workouts!

I’m not sure how many of you know this, but I have my own YOUTUBE channel. On it, I video workouts that I design for some of my clients. All of the workouts that I put on the channel are done with your own body weight, free weights, swiss ball or bands. In other words – all things you can do ANYWHERE.

I thought today I would share a link to one of my videos. Most of the work outs are designed to be done in increments of 3 repetitions and set of 10-12. I love Interval Training. It is a great way to get Maximal Benefits in Minimal Time!

If you like this one, please feel free to check out the rest and subscribe to my channel so that you know when I have put new material on there. Also, if you have suggestions or more things you would like to learn about, please let me know!!

Top 10

So sometimes I have a bad day, just like everyone else. And sometimes it is hard to pick myself back up. I have a good friend who always told me to keep my “Heather file” of good attributes of mine. Today, I decided I would take that one step further and I want to challenge everyone reading to do the same. Today I created My Top 10. This list is 10 things I think are good about me. These are things that:

  • Nobody Can Take From Me
  • I Own Them
  • I Control Them
  • They are what I think about me!

So here we go, Heather’s Top 10

  1. I am smart
  2. I am funny (at least to me)
  3. I am a good friend
  4. I am a great mom
  5. I am good at my job
  6. I am a good sister
  7. I am a good daughter
  8. I make great cookies
  9. I am a good training partner
  10. I am a good writer

I know I sound a bit Stuart Smalley, but hey, what can I say. There are times we all need a little lift and some positive affirmations!

I challenge you ALL – Make your Top 10! If you are having a bad day, take them out and read them. If you doubt yourself, take them out and read them. If you just want/need to feel good, take them out and read them!

So go ahead now – make your top 10 and I would love to hear from you and how they worked!

My Own Worst Enemy

One of my two jobs I GET to do is to be a Corporate Wellness Coach. What this means is that initially I go in and do biometrics which consists of height, weight, waist and hip circumference (determiner of future risk disease), body fat and blood pressure in a given company. We also have blood drawn to check out the key trouble spots such as cholesterol, triglycerides and fasting blood glucose. Once all this is done the patients are placed into categories of Critical, high risk, moderate risk and healthy. I would say that less than 10% of the people who go through these screenings are in the healthy range and that is scary news to me.

When I start the coaching process, I help people take a good look at their nutrition, their exercise level and their overall quality life. I am always big on goal setting. Once we set these goals, one of the questions I ask has to do with potential roadblocks. The one that seems very constant is this: WE ARE OUR OWN WORST ENEMY! We all know what to do. We all know we need to do it, and most of us have a pretty good idea how to do it. The IT is to be healthy, exercise and eat right to ensure a long, healthy life. Our mind can be very powerful!

At first, I have to build the trust factor when I work with someone. Once that is done, a beautiful thing happens – change. I am in the business of changing lives. The bottom line is we hold the power to control what we eat, how much we eat, if we exercise, how much we exercise and how healthy we can be. I always say there are 3 things we cannot change:

  1. Our Age
  2. Our Genetics
  3. What we have done in the past

Beyond that, the sky is the limit – don’t be your own worst enemy, be your biggest fan!

Cure Search

May Day! Today is my day or my month (the last maiden name of May has entitled me to this I decided), but it was not like any other day. It did start similar to most Saturdays. I got up super early to put in my 12 mile run. But I did this so that I could take part in the Cure Search Walk to raise money for children’s cancer research. My son’s best friend Mason, who is 6, is a cancer survivor. We have watched their family fight this disease, but also fund raise and partner with other families who are going through similar situations. I got to lead the group in warm ups before the walk! This was the second year for the Des Moines walk and the totals for funds raises were over 121K at race end! Today I am going to give you stats that were posted around the zoo.

  • Cancer claims the lives of more children than all other childhood diseases combined.
  • Only research cures childhood cancer.
  • 3 out of 5 children who survive cancer suffer long-term side effects.
  • Nearly 13,500 children and adolescence are diagnosed with cancer each year.
  • The average age of a diagnosis for a child with cancer is 6 years old.

What I take from a day like today is that we all have the ability to help others! There is always someone else out there who has had a life a little harder than ours. And I GET to volunteer my time. How you choose to help is up to you. The bottom line is we owe it to ourselves to Pay It Forward and help others when and where we can. How will help someone else?!?!?!?