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So the last few weeks, I have noticed something I have not seen in a really long time PEOPLE OUTSIDE! It has been such a beautiful site. People walking. People running. Kids playing. People riding bikes. I LOVE IT! With that in mind, I decided it was time to make another acronym for SPRING.

S – Start – If you haven’t started moving do so now!! If you want to start a new exercise program or set a new goal do it now!

P – Preparing – What do you need to do to prepare for your goal? Do you need new shoes? Do you need to register for a race? Do you need to tune up your bike? Prepare for change.

R – Routine – Now is a great time to start a new routine. Are you going to eat healthier? Are you going to commit to running a race? Commit to new habits and create your new routine.

I – Individualized – Make your new program/goals individualized to your needs. Every person is different and therefore has different needs and goals. Make your plan YOURS!

N – Needed – Healthy habits are needed! Exercise is needed! Creating good eating habits and a good exercise routine are proven to help up lead happy, healthier lives!

G – Go – What are you waiting for!! Enjoy the spring! Go do something new. Go start a new project for YOU!

Step into SPRING with a smile on your face, a goal to achieve, and a new perspective on the things you can achieve!

TRX Suspension Trainer

So I am always looking for what I call cool new exercise toys (my clients beg to differ). I purchased one last week while at IHRSA. I am kind of a try before you buy girl, so while at the show, I tried my new toy the TRX Suspension trainer. The TRX booth offered workouts throughout the day and also for the early morning workouts. Well, after I did a workout during the day, I was interviewed, and guess what – I found myself on youtube yesterday. Just thought I would share. I do love this product and as my clients already know, it can produce great results!


Max Results in Min Time

Tired of spending hours in the gym for what you feel are less than optimal

If you are able to maximize your body, you will be able to maximize your time. What am I talking about? I am talking about when you know how to use your body to its fullest potential, you will be able to work out less and see more benefits.

For instance, the position in which we stand when we are doing resistance training can help you maximize your body. Here’s how you should stand.

  1. Feet – hip’s width apart
  2. Legs – slight bend in the knees
  3. Hips – tilt your pelvis to the back like you are going to sit in a chair
  4. Shoulders – rolled back to open up the spine
  5. Chest – sticking out

This is the position you should be in for any standing exercise. Our posture is everything! When you do whatever exercise you are doing, such as a bicep curl, maintain this body position and only move the joint of your elbow.

Pace – to increase your muscle tone (not mass), your tempo should be at two seconds at the upward phase and 4 on the downward phase. This negative contraction will help to tone those muscles. You should aim for 8-12 repetitions and 3 sets.

If you are in correct anatomical position, your core is working, your legs are working and you are getting the maximum benefits for the particular muscle that you are training.

This kind of training gives you MAXIMIMUM BENEFITS IN MINIMUM TIME!

M&M Theory (not the ones you eat!)

I often get asked what some key components to successful weight loss program. Obviously they are Diet and Exercise, but the secret lies in what we do with each. I don’t believe it has to be a difficult process if you follow the criteria below.

My M&M Theory:

  • Moderation – In terms of food, this seems to be the most difficult. I never like to tell anyone they need to do without most of their favorite foods (ok, there are some exceptions and you all know it). Rather, it is learning what a serving size is to look like. It is educating yourself on how to read food labels. It is doing homework before you go out to eat and looking online at the restaurant menu to pick the best choice.
  • Modification – I think this one is the most important of the two M’s. I don’t like to tell my clients that they need to do without their certain cravings (i.e. salt/sweet), rather Modify. For example, you are a salt junkie, choose a 100 calorie bag of microwave popcorn (you get an entire bag)! If you like to bake, like myself, try substituting applesauce for oil, 1/2 whole wheat flour vs all white flour, dark chocolate vs milk chocolate, or Splenda vs Sugar.

This is only half of the success factor, and I will continue more with exercise tips on my next blog.

Bottom Line – If you have a bad, that’s ok, as long as you have more good days practicing the M&M Theory, you will be successful whether your goal is to lose weight or to maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Did You Know?

  1. Each year the number of Americans to suffer from a heart
    attack during or after exercise is 75,000.
  2. The primary reason people give for not beginning an exercise program is lack of time.
  3. According to the 1996 US Surgeon General’s report on physical
    activity and health and ACSM’s  exercise lite guidelines,  the general
    population is urged to accumulate 30 minutes or more of moderate
    intensity physical activity over the course of most days.
  4. Maintaining physical fitness is possible even when training volume is decreased by half.
  5. In a standard exercise program, the percentage of participants likely to drop out after the first six months 50% or more.
  6. It is estimated that 25% of the American population is engaged in recommended levels of physical activity.

Burning Calories in Smaller Workouts

Frequently Asked Question: In order to improve conditioning, would it be better to work out once for 60 minutes or twice for 30 minutes? What about from a calorie burn standpoint?

I love this question because it proves a point that I try to make daily, especially when it has to do with one’s time. It is not necessary to do your workout all at once. Sometimes it is just plain hard to do this with the hectic schedules that we lead. There are more studies coming out to prove the point that it is not necessary to exercise all at once to the the desired benefit you are looking for.

I believe that you can get great benefit from smaller frequent workouts throughout the day. What I have found are the following:

  1. I am able to get my heart rate up which increases blood flow and metabolism.
  2. If I only have 10 minutes, great, I take advantage. Try doing 1 minute intervals of resistance and plyometric exercises.
  3. If you are having a hard time sticking to a program because of time, trying smaller workouts will help you stick to your program.
  4. I have been able to be creative with my time, whether it is taking 10 minutes when I am cooking dinner or watching a tv show.
  5. Every extra bit of movement you have adds up to more calories burned, and who doesn’t want that?!!

Keep moving – whenever you can!!