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EAT THIS NOT THAT – Heather’s picks!

I was doing some research to show the differences between certain food choices that we make. I get asked a lot about what I eat and what healthier options that I choose. I don’t diet – I despise that word! I would rather choose lower calorie, less fat alternatives of things that I already like. Below is my version of EAT THIS NOT THAT, and also some other common snack choices I choose.

Salt Fix 100 calorie BAG of 94% fat free microwave popcorn – 2.5 g fat for a bag!! Movie Theater Microwave popcorn for same amount as other 157 calories and 11.2 g fat
Baked Lays – 11 chips for approx serving – 110 calories and 1.5 g fat Regular Lays – 11 chips, 150 calories and 10g fat
Sweet Fix 100 Calorie Milano Cookie pack – 4.5 g fat and a bag (I like quantity) Regular Milano Cookies – 3 cookies, 180 calories and 10 g fat
Apple – medium sized 95 calories .4 g fat McDonalds Apple Pie – 250 calories and 13 g fat

I think you get the picture. Below are a few of my favorites with the calorie amount also. My point of this is you don’t have to give up good taste and quantity if you learn the difference between the choices that you make. If you want to lose weight and eat healthier, you have to make modifications, NOT DO WITHOUT! So below are some of my favorites:

Chex Mix Bar – Turtle 130 calories 3.5 g fat – sweet and salty!
Banana 105 calories for medium size – potassium!
Almonds 104 calories for 15 – great source for Omega 3
Baby Carrots 35 calories for 10 – I like quantity remember
Special K Multi-Grain Crackers 120 calories for 24 crackers – 3 g fat
Chocolate Chip Granola Bar 90-100 calories depending on brand avg 3 g fat
Honey Wheat Braided Pretzels 110 calories for 8 pretzels and 1 g fat

I hope this has given you all some good insight and different ideas of foods you SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT  EAT!

Bottom line – USE COMMON SENSE!

Don’t forget to keep moving while you are doing this good eating!

Motivation 101

With the Olympics going on I have heard all kinds of phrases that remind me of different points in time. Remember the ABC Wild World of Sports The Thrill of Victory and the Agony of Defeat“.

Well I thought it fitting that today I give you one of the best inspirational speeches (in my view ever).

Watch the Olympics. Listen to some of the truly inspirational stories.

Impossible is Nothing.

If you ask for help, you might get it, and you might change.

Nothing will ever be attempted if all possible objections must first be overcome  – Samuel Johnson

Find what inspires  you and:

  • Complete the Impossible
  • Get some help and change
  • Overcome the objections

Motivate YOURSELF!

Why Not?

So many times we ask ourselves Why? Or we ask our kids to do something for us and their response is Why? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself Why Not?

In 2003, a friend of mine said he wanted to run a marathon and said he had no one to train with him. I said, sure, why not, I will run it with you. When I got home I looked up the Des Moines Marathon and realized that I had just agreed to run 26.2 miles!! I had never run over 3 miles without stopping in my life before this and did not consider myself a runner! My friend told me if I read the book The Non-Runners Guide to the Marathon, I would believe I could run a marathon. I said sure, Why not?

This book said that if I could run 30 minutes without stopping, I could run a marathon in 16 weeks. And guess what, I did!

So I ask of you:

Why not try something new?

Why not challenge your body and mind?

Why not set big goals?

Why not live out your dreams?

Don’t let fear of the unknown stop you from trying. Go outside of your comfort zone!

Lesson learned: Instead of asking someone Why, ask yourself WHY NOT?!?!?!!?

Motivation, Dedication, Inspiration, Determination

On the wall in my office I have four words Motivation, Dedication, Inspiration, Determination. I am going to share a story that embraces all of those words.

The best thing about living in a smaller community within a big city is that I get to meet all kinds of great people through my kids athletics. My son Griffin made a friend years ago named Zach. We’ve been on the same football and baseball teams numerous times. One of the great parts about Zach are his parents Bill and Donarene. We hit it off right away because of our love of sport, family and the Hawkeyes.

Recently Bill was diagnosed with esophageal cancer. This hit really close to home for my whole family. Even though we don’t see this family all the time, they have touched us enough through the years that I wanted to share a little of their story.

They are fighters! And I am going to tell you how I think Bill and his family embrace those four words above:

Motivation – Bill and his family are motivated to fight the hard fight!

Dedication –  The family is dedictated to each other through love and courage.

Inspiration – Bill has inspired about 18 7th grade boys to shave their heads in support of hisself and his son Zach.

Determination – Bill is determined to beat this. He is determined to stay strong, keep up with his nutrition and even exercising to help him to stay strong.

While I too have had issues with my health in the past and was unable to eat or drink for 71 days at one point in my life – the valuable lesson I learned from it was never take your health for granted! If you have the ability exercise, be active and live life to the fullest – seize it! Don’t wait until something bad happens to take care of you.

Bill has renewed inspiration to me to live my life to the fullest, love my children with all of my abilities and take nothing for granted. We can all learn from this motivated, dedicated, inspired and determined family!

That is how Bill got a bunch of bald buddies!

Need More Energy – EXERCISE!

I get up early, really early. Sometimes by choice, sometimes by my internal clock that tells me it is time to move. For instance, this week, my only real time I was to have to myself was before work, and I start work at 530 AM. So why do I get up then – to exercise!

Since my little injury, I have discovered a few things about myself:

1. Exercise is my anti-depressant

2. Exercise gives me more energy

3. You want something more when you can’t have it.

There are studies that show that exercise can be used as a natural anti-depressant. When I run, I love to clear my head, take in my surroundings and feel good about doing something for myself. With the last few weeks not being able to do so, I have found myself down a bit. I have taken the time to reintroduce myself to the spin bike and add more resistance training, which help, but they are different.

When I get up early to exercise, I really do have more energy throughout the day. So if it means I have to get up at 4 to get a work out in, I do. And usually the next thing people ask is what time do you go to bed – 10ish. I just don’t require as much sleep!

My wanting to run is the exact reason diets don’t work – you always want something more that you can’t have! I never in a million years thought I would miss the treadmill, but I do, well, more the act of running and the feeling I get from it. But I will be patient and wait it out.

So, no excuses – if you have the ability to exercise – then do it – you will feel better, happier and have more energy!